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The BMW Military Sales Program

Serving Those Who Serve Us All

The BMW Military Sales Program was set up nearly 30 years ago as a Nato `thank you` to U.S. forces serving in Germany. From this beginning the program has evolved into serving us military personnel stationed Globally. The program is sponsored directly by the BMW factory in Munich and offers BMW and MINI products in U.S. specification.

Pre-negotiated privileged pricing has been arranged for the program. These prices are set by the factory thus eliminating any `haggling` with a salesperson. Everybody pays the same price.

Although there is a vehicle stock pool to choose from most vehicles are special ordered to the requirements of the customer (keeping within the normal configurations offered by BMW in the U.S.A.). This can take a little time as there are waiting lists on all our vehicles.

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No, that’s the advantage of the BMW Military Sales Program; you don’t have to do battle with a salesperson to get the best deal. The lowest prices have already been negotiated on your behalf and are set in US Dollars (unaffected by daily currency fluctuations.). No agency within the Military Sales Program may arbitrarily alter the prices. The price you see is the price you pay and everyone pays the same!
Yes, that’s actually how the majority of people place their orders through this program. Provided your chosen configuration is available within the normal BMW program in the United States, you may specify your own colour/option configuration, as you prefer.

Any Military, DOD, GS, Contractor, Reserve or National guard member qualifies to use BMW Military Sales when permanently stationed in Japan.

When placing your order, you will receive written conditions regarding the non-availability of financing resulting in a subsequent refund of your initial down payment. The only requirement is that you apply for a loan within 10 days of placing your order, so that availability of financing may be established as soon as possible.
The car comes with a 24-months/unlimited-mileage warranty overseas and the US warranty is 48 months/50,000 miles and both warranties commence from the first date of registration. Should your ownership in Europe exceed the 24-months warranty period, your local BMW Service dealer can offer additional warranty cover at very reasonable prices.
All BMWs come standard with a 4Yr/50,000 mile Warranty.

Yes, not only do they conform fully to US federal regulations but they also fulfil all legal requirements in the state of California.

Depending upon whether you are Military, Civilian (GS) or DoD contractor, the rules can vary. If you are unsure please check with the relevant department or alternatively by visiting the US Customs Website by visiting the Federation of Tax Administrators web site.

In the case of State Sales Tax it is impossible to list definitive criteria, as each individual state views both rates and liability differently. As a general rule you should expect to pay some form of tax upon first registration in the USA. However, as a military person you may qualify for exemption or if the vehicle has already been bought and owned out of state (sometimes for a specified time period) this may also fulfil the criteria for exemption. It’s always wise to try to obtain first hand information from the appropriate local office.

Neither Superior Motors MSP, nor its representatives will be responsible for any form of tax liability on automobiles imported into the USA. As is universally the case, tax liability rests with the individual and ignorance of the appropriate legislation will not be considered as grounds for exemption.


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